Dicing Accessories

We offer a comprehensive solution for your dicing procedures and a wide selection of dicing tools to support your process requirements.

Contact us at +65 6552 7211 | info@millice.com.sg for more information.


Available for all blade types in the range of 2”- 5”, ADT’s extensive line of flanges exhibits high- accuracy, excellent performance, ease to use and affordability.


Torque Meter, Handling Tool, Lapping Kit, Separator Tool, GO Gauge set, Flange Extractor (Puller)

Dressing Board

ADT offers a wide range of Dressing Boards for different applications. You can choose from different abrasives, mesh sizes and dimensions.

Frames and Cassette

ADT features a complete line of frames that are compatible with most saw manufacturers. Cassettes are available in styles and sizes to accommodate all frames.
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