Compound Semiconductor

Advanced Dicing Technologies
Dicing Saws/Blades & Laser Scribing Systems + Peripherals.

Royce Instruments
High precision testing machines for wire bond pull, ball bond shear, die shear, ball pull and stud pull. Pick and place machines for silicon.

World Leader in the develoment and manufacturers of MIXERS .

Trebor International
High Purity Air Operated Diaphragm Pump and DI Water/ Chemical heater.

Optika Microscope
Offers a range of more than 80 microscopes’ models which are fully accessorized and suitable for the different fields of optical microscopy.

VLSI Standards
Leading supplier of NIST traceable calibration standards and calibration certificates.

Takatori Corporation
Vacuum, Lamination, Separation, Control & Information Processing, Transfer & Drive, Cutting, Cleanliness, Taping & Detaping Equipment for Grinding & Dicing Processes.

BSET logo
Gas Plasma Systems use for Plasma Etching, Plasma Cleaning and Plasma Surface Treatment

High-Precision Mechanical Contact Profilers and Optical profiler.

Toho Tech
Thin Film Stress Measurement Tool: NEW MODEL The industry standard in thin film stress analysis.

Vacuum Instrument Corporation
Portable, console and fully automated leak-test solutions with ongoing applications support.