KLA-Tencor P-6 Stylus Profiles

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KLA-Tencor P-6 Stylus Profiler

The P-6 stylus profiler and surface analysis system offers a combination of advanced features for process development and manufacturing control of scientific research, photovoltaic solar manufacturing, data storage, MEMS, opto-electronics, and other industrial metrology applications. The P-6 stylus profiler and surface analysis system utilizes numerous platform and measurement technologies from KLA-Tencor’s most advanced semiconductor profiler systems for surface topography analysis – programmable scan stage, low noise, and high quality, high resolution long scans — but in a smaller, more economical design for substrates up to 150mm.

The P-6 Stylus profiler and surface analysis system is capable of addressing a wide range of measurements and applications:

The P-6 Stylus profiling and 3D surface analysis system is capable of addressing a wide range of measurements and applications:

Thin film
Measure step heights and surface roughness after thin film deposition.

Thick film step heights
Measure step heights and surface structure on thick films, such as silver paste lines in photovoltaic cell production.

Photo resist/soft films
Variable pressure, capacitance position sensing and interchangeable stylus radii enable surface metrology of these soft films.

Etched trench depth
Sub-micron stylus radius option and angstrom-level height sensitivity combined, make trench depth metrology possible.

Materials characterization for surface roughness and waviness step heights
Apex analysis software easily calculates more than 40 surface parameters, including surface roughness and waviness. Calculations can be for 2D scans or 3D areal scans.

Surface curvature and form
Calculate curvature from the measurement, or plot curvature and form in 3D models. Options include offline analysis of data for plotting and analysis that don’t cut into productivity.

2D stress of thin films
Measuring stress of thin films can help optimize processes, prevent cracking and adhesion problems.

Dimensional analysis and surface texture
Whether it is slope and flatness, or waviness and roughness in 2D or area and volume, peak count distribution and bearing ratios in 3D, P-6 offers versatility and utility.

3D imaging of various surfaces
Apex software provides advanced 3D imaging of any area measured.

Flatness or curvature
See and quantify flatness and curvature of measured lines or areas.

Defect review and defect analysis
Advanced functionality detects features by incorporating user defined models. Once detected even small features can be located and centered in the center of the scan, optimizing defect review and analysis.

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