Sunny Instrument Laser Vibrometer

Single Point Laser Vibrometer

LDVLV-S01 Laser Doppler Vibrometer
Out of Plane laser vibrometer for precise measurement of vibration, speed, and displacement. Its versatility enables it to be configured for both large and small objects


ILVILV-S01 In Plane laser Vibrometer
In Plane system measure the moving surface perpendicular to transverse velocity of laser beams


CLVLV-C01 Compart Laser Vibrometer
Compact and versatile sensor for adaptability of different application for different industry


SLVSLV-S01 Scanning Vibrometer
Scanning vibrometer provide a topography view of the plane movement for better analysis of structure vibration


3D Laser Vibrometer

MLVMLV-600 3D Micro measuring system
3D Micro measuring system give X, Y and Z result in single measurement for 3D micro-structure vibration analysis


3DLV3D Laser Vibrometer
3D laser vibrometer provide simultaneous measurement in X, Y and Z direction for structure analysis