Flow cytometry particles to distinguish cells on the basis of size and shape and the presence of many different molecules inside and on the surface of the cells.

Benefit from the flexibility and sensitivity of fluorescence technology combined with the technique’s high speed and powerful data integration capabilities

Cyto-Cal Count Control
The Thermo Scientific* Cyto-Cal Count Control consists of fluorescent beads for absolute counting on flow cytometers


Cyto Cal Multifluor+Violet Intensity Calibrator
Thermo Scientific* Cyto-Cal Multifluor + Violet Intensity Calibrator provides stable calibration material for assessing flow cytometer stability and precision of multiple channels


Cyto-Cal Alignment Particles
Thermo Scientific* Cyto-Cal Alignment Particles provide exceptional accuracy and feedback on laser power, alignment and noise in excitation and emission optics


Cyto-Plex Carboxylated Particles
The Thermo Scientific* Cyto-Plex Carboxylated Particles are open platform particles for suspension array analysis.


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