Chemical Heater

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Chemical Heater

The Trebor® IQ in-line quartz chemical heater provides the ultra-high purity you demand, with the reliability you expect. The IQ’s smooth flow path is free of particle traps and constructed entirely of GE 214 quartz and PFA, making it compatible with all acids, except HF and KOH. The PFA enclosure ensures plenum compatibility and resists corrosion or discoloration. Most importantly, your application is free from metal ion contamination risk if the external thin-film heating element should ever fail, unlike immersion style resistive heaters.

Simplicity and flexibility are key elements of the IQ heater. The modular design allows heaters to be connected in parallel or series using multiple voltage and fitting options to achieve your desired capacity. Our patented sealing technology not only protects against fluid leaks, but eliminates the breakage commonly associated with fragile quartz connections. Plus, there are no O-rings to ever service or replace.

• Quartz/PFA fluid path
• Multiple fitting options
• No metal contamination risk
• No particle traps
• SEMI S2, S3, and CE certified

Performance Summary

Max Fluid Temperature : 100 °C
Max Pressure : 0 – 551.6 kPa (gauge)
Power : 3 – 6 kW
Voltages Available : 208, 400

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