NanoCD Standards (NCD)

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NanoCD Standards (NCD)

IN LINE WITH SUB-100 NM ACCURACY. The NanoCD™ (NCD) is the first commercially available standard to provide line width accuracy calibration at the 45 nm, 65 nm, 90 nm and 130 nm nodes. Use these standards for tool matching, calibrating the width of a CD-AFM tip, or CD-SEM diagnostics.

The NanoCD consists of a small chip containing a single isolated line 4 mm long (3 mm certified), offering thousands of distinct measurement sites. Chips are fabricated at VLSI Standards using a patented technique that results in lines with high uniformity and low associated uncertainty, unachievable through conventional lithography methods. For compatibility with wafer handlers, the chip is mounted to an etched pocket of a silicon wafer carrier. Global alignment marks, rulers and pattern recognition features extending from the chip to the wafer ensure that the target is always located, and measurements can be repeated.

The width of the line, or the Critical Dimension (CD), is certified with TEM and is traceable to the international system of units (SI) through the atomic lattice spacing of single crystal silicon.


  • Nominal CD Values
    25 nm, 45 nm, 70 nm, or 110 nm
  • Accuracy
    25 nm ± 0.5 nm, 45 nm ± 0.7 nm,
    70 nm ± 0.7 nm, 110 ± 0.8 nm
  • Material of CD line
    Amorphous Silicon
  • Length of Line
    3 mm certified
  • Defectivity of Line
    5% Max. (150 µm of total 3,000 µm)
  • Traceability
    Traceable to the SI units through the atomic lattice spacing in the silicon crystal by TEM
  • SEMI Specification Silicon Wafers
    200 and 300 mm diameter wafers available in X or X,Y configuration
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