G200 Nanoindenter


G200 Nanoindenter


  • Electromagnetic actuator to achieve the high dynamic range in force and displacement

  • Modular options for imaging scratches, high-temperature nanoindentation measurements, and dynamic testing

  • Intuitive interface for quick test setup;  testing parameters can be changed with just a few mouse clicks

  • Real-time experimental control, easy test protocol development and precise thermal drift compensation

  • Award-winning, high-speed Express Test option to measure hardness and modulus

  • Versatile imaging capabilities, survey scanning, and streamlined test method development for rapid results

  • Simple determination of indenter area function and load frame stiffness


  • High-speed hardness and modulus measurement

  • Interfacial adhesion measurement

  • Fracture toughness measurement

  • Viscoelastic properties measurement

  • Scanning probe microscopy (3D imaging)

  • Wear and scratch resistance

  • High-temperature nanoindentation