G200X Nanoindenter


G200X Nanoindenter


  • Electromagnetic actuator to achieve the high dynamic range in force and displacement

  • High resolution optical microscope and precision XYZ motion system for viewing, positioning and targeting samples.

  • Easy mount sample tray with multiple sample positions for high throughput testing.

  • Modular options for testing beyond indentation for SPM imaging, scratch testing, high temperature nanoindentation measurements, dynamic testing (CSM) and high-speed testing.

  • Intuitive interface for quick test setup; testing parameters can be changed with just a few mouse clicks

  • Real-time experimental control, easy test protocol development and test setup.

  • Full suite of InViewsoftware including ReviewDataand InFocus for analyzing data and creating reports.

  • Award-winning, high-speed testing for material property maps and increased statistical confidence.

  • InQuesthigh-speed controller electronics with 100kHz data acquisition rate and 20µs time constant.


  • High speed hardness and modulus measurements (Oliver-Pharr)

  • High speed material property maps

  • ISO 14577 hardness testing

  • Interfacial adhesion measurement

  • Fracture toughness measurement

  • Viscoelastic property measurements including tan delta, and storage and loss modulus

  • Scanning probe microscopy (3D imaging)

  • Quantitative scratch and wear testing

  • High temperature nanoindentation testing