Stylus Profiler



  • Step Height: Nanometers to 327µm

  • Low Force with constant force control: 0.03 to 50mg

  • Scan full diameter of the sample without stitching

  • Video: In-line low and high magnification optics

  • Arc Correction: Removes error due to arc motion of the stylus

  • Software: Easy-to-use software interface

  • Production Capability: Fully automated with sequencing, pattern recognition, and SECS/GEM

  • Wafer Handler: Automatically loads 75mm through 200mm opaque (e.g., silicon) and transparent (e.g., sapphire) samples

  • HRP: High-resolution scanning stage with resolution similar toan AFM


  • Step Height: 2D and 3D step height

  • Texture: 2D and 3D roughness and waviness

  • Form: 2D and 3D bow and shape

  • Stress: 2D and 3D thin film stress

  • Defect Review: 2D and 3D defect surface topography