InSEM® HT Nanoindenter


InSEM® HT Nanoindenter


  • InForce50 actuator with tip heating for capacitance displacement measurement and electromagnetic force actuation with interchangeable tips

  • Sample heating up to 800 °C with 10mm sample-size and vacuum-compatible sample mounting system

  • InQuesthigh speed controller electronics with 100kHz data acquisition rate and 20µs time constant

  • XYZ motion system for sample targeting

  • SEM video capture for synchronized SEM images with test data

  • Unique software-integrated tip-calibration system for fast, accurate tip calibration

  • InViewcontrol and data review software with Windows ® 10 compatibility and method developer for user-designed experiments


  • High temperature testing

  • Hardness and modulus measurements (Oliver-Pharr)

  • Continuous stiffness measurement

  • High speed material property maps

  • Creep measurement

  • Strain rate sensitivity