Optical Profiler



  • Vertical scanning and phase shifting interferometry for measurement of surface features from nanometers to millimeters

  • Automated X-Y stage with a long travel range, great for mapping and stitching scans

  • Automated focus with industry-leading long piezo travel range for scanning multiple surfaces separated by large height distances

  • Intuitive software suite including advanced Profilmdesktop, the cloud-based ProfilmOnlineand mobile applications for flexible data storage, visualization and analysis

  • TotalFocusimaging, resulting in stunning True Color images with every pixel in focus, even on surfaces with height variation larger than the objective’s depth-of-focus


  • Step height: 3D step height from nanometers to millimeters

  • Texture: 3D roughness and waviness

  • Form: 3D bow and shape

  • True Color: TotalFocusimage of the 3D surface topography

  • Edge rolloff: 3D edge profile measurements

  • Defect review: 3D defect surface topography