Millice | Universal
Single Beam: Versatile IC Placement Platform (Fuzion 1-11)
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  •  Medium-Volume OEM, White Goods, Military, Medical

  •  30k - 45k line cph real throughput 

  • Rapid changeover with full feeder bank exchange, family setups 

  • User-friendly offline setup and validation with self-ID feeders

  •  390+ 8mm inputs, 40 random access tray inputs, track feeder support

  •  Large PCB size range: up to 508 x 635mm ( 20" x 25")

  •  Large component range: 01005 - 150mm

  •  Extensive component range overlap across all modules for easy balancing Leverage zero setup time with front/back changeover schemes, dynamic bank change, auto PCB support


Single Beam

Dual Beam

Dual Beam: Multi-function Placement Platform (Fuzion 2-14)


  • Best-in-class multi-function machine with fast placement of a wide component range for applications where flexibility and performance per line length are important

  •  Dual-beam, dual-drive overhead gantry system 

  • Two 7-spindle FZ7 placement heads 

  • Upward-looking vision system

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30,750 cph
508 x 813mm

Dual Beam: Flexible, High Speed Placement Platform (Fuzion 2-60)
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65,500 cph

610 x 1300mm

Dual Beam: High Speed, All-In-One Multi-function Machine (FuzionXC 2-37)
Millice | Universal
Millice | Universal

Quad Beam

Quad Beam: High Volume Placement Platform (Fuzion 4-120)
Millice | Universal


  • Pre-reflow – High Vol performance and Yield

  • Finer density

  • Full inspection

  • Consistent Force



Platforms: Odd-Form Assembly Platform(FuzionOF)
Millice | Universal
Platoform: High Accuracy Placement Platform for Semiconductor (FuzionSC)
Millice | Universal
Millice | Universal