Trebor Maxim 50

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Trebor Maxim 50

The Maxim 50 air-operated double-diaphragm pump is ideal for aggressive, high purity applications. Its unique construction contains no metal parts or elastomer O-ring seals and includes a fluid path that consists of all PTFE and PFA materials; providing reliable, contamination- free operation at temperatures up to 180°C. The Maxim 50’s revolutionary design allows the pump to be configured for specific applications. You may select from three control base options: recirculation, chemical delivery, or external control. The recirculation and chemical delivery configurations are self contained while the external control base option allows for pump operation via existing air control systems or by PLC/PC control using fiber optic inputs from the pump; suitable for either recirculation or chemical delivery applications.

  • Up to 180°C continuous operating temperature
  • Field serviceable – externally accessible valves for quick, easy inspection and maintenance
  • Surge suppression and leak detection available
  • One year warranty


  • No elastomer seals or gaskets to break down or replace
  • No metal parts to corrode or contaminate your process
  • Leak proof, welded assembly
  • Extremely compact size
  • 100% PFA/PTFE construction for the ultimate chemical compatibility and process purity
  • FM4910 compliant
  • Cleaned, assembled and packaged in Class 1000 cleanroom
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