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Grip Series


Product Description

Discover Grip Series™ Adhesives: Precision-engineered composite film adhesives for seamless bonding of wafers, optics, and more during dicing and thinning processes. Crafted from heat-activated Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) polymers. Available in Standard, Conductive, and High Temp formulations. Introducing WaferGrip™ and TrueGrip™ Adhesives, precision-engineered composite film adhesives designed for bonding wafers, thin film heads, optics, and various substrates during dicing, grinding, and polishing processes. Crafted from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) polymers, A™ is activated by heat to seamlessly bond surfaces. Its primary application involves bonding wafers to mounting substrates for thinning purposes. Tailored preformed shapes ensure precise application, offering controlled bond lines for efficiency and durability. Available in three formulations: Standard, Conductive, and High Temp.


WaferGrip™ and TrueGrip™ Adhesives come in three versatile configurations: - On Release Paper: Ideal for standard uses like wafer dicing and thinning. - On Protective Overlay: Functions as a temporary substrate, enabling cutting through the wafer into the underlying substrate. - On Double-Sided Protective Overlay: Offers enhanced utility for specific applications.


StripAid is a Solvent is used to remove WaferGrip™ and TrueGrip™, ensuring a seamless cleaning process. Utilize StripAid to effectively dissolve and remove WaferGrip™ and TrueGrip™, maintaing surface integrity effortlessly. To effectively eliminate WaferGrip™ and TrueGrip™ from surfaces or substrates, rely on our specially formulated solvent, StripAid Solvent. This solvent is meticulously crafted to efficiently dissolve and remove WaferGrip™ and TrueGrip™, ensuring a thorough and seamless cleaning process without compromising the integrity of the surfaces. Utilize StripAid Solvent for an effective and safe removal of WaferGrip™ and TrueGrip™ from your materials or equipment.

Different Shapes of WaferGrip™ and TrueGrip™ Adhesives

Common Shapes Customers have orderd for WaferGrip™ and TrueGrip™ Adhesives

1. TrueGrip on Release Paper (Low Temp)Adhesive on a separator paper 2. TrueGrip trueGrip on Release Paper (Low Temp) Adhesive on a separator paper 3.WaferGrip Adhesive on Release Paper Adhesive on a separator paper 4.Mylar Protective Film with Separator Paper 5. Mylar Protective Film 6.Separator Paper

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