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End-of Stroke


End-of Stroke


End-of-stroke probes provide cycle counting and pump stroke control versatility for your application. A single probe can be installed and monitored as a means of cycle counting on Trebor® pumps.

This is accomplished by detecting the end position of the diaphragm stroke. Two probes may be used to operate an electronic external air control valve. The setup allows complete control and monitoring of pump speed and cycle counts. It also provides a drop-in replacement option for competitors’ pumps that use external control valves.

Trebor® fiber optic probes and monitoring systems provide complete performance and diagnostic capability for your high purity pump. 

The use of fiber optic technology allowed us to design a nonmetallic sensor that will not corrode in aggressive acid environments and avoid the use of electrical terminations that may create explosion risk in volatile solvent applications. All probes are non intrusive so they will not adversely affect pump performance or come in contact with your ultrapure fluids during normal operation.

  • End-Of-Stroke Detection For Remote Air Solenoid Valve Pump Control

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