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PC7 Pump Controller


PC7 Pump Controller


Trebor PC7 operates as a single valve oscillator to control the air supply pressure and exhaust for a pneumatic pump.

The primary components consist of two pressure chambers, an interconnecting shuttle valve, the detent mechanism, two air transfer ports, and exhaust muffler. A single air supply feeds the PC7, which is then metered continuously into both of the pressure chambers.

Depending on the shuttle valve position, one chamber’s exhaust is blocked and the other is opened, causing the pressure to rise in the first chamber as it fills with air.When the pressure applied to the shuttle spool is great enough to overcome the detent force set by the adjustment screw, it will reverse position, thereby closing the exhaust to the other chamber and exhausting the pressure from the previous chamber. This cycle repeats itself every time the valve shifts

  • Compatible With Harsh Chemicals

  • No Metal Parts

  • No Elastomers

  • Pumps Can Be Operated In A Variety Of Head Pressure Conditions Because Of Patented Adjustable Cycle Rate Air Valve

  • Uses Only Air For Operation

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