Assembly & Packaging

Millice Private Limited provides leading state-of-the-art production equipment and materials to advanced packaging and assembly plant.

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Compound Semiconductor

Millice Private Ltd provides equipment and material solution for front and back-end process production of LED, MEMs and microoptics products.

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Wafer Fabrication

Millice Private Limited represents leading manufacturers of equipment for wafer fabrication. We provide metrology tools, consumable and traceable standards for industry needs.

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Millice Pte Ltd provides wide range of equipment and consumable parts for Photovoltaics manufacturing.

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Data Storage

Millice Private Limited provides world-class leading products for data-storage manufacturing.

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Failure Analysis

Millice Private Limited provides a wide range of World Class Failure Analysis equipment
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After sales support is handled by our competent and highly specialized technicians and support staff.

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