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Royce AutoPlacer MP300

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[tab title=”Details” id=”t1″]The award winning Royce Autoplacer MP300 die sorter is specifically engineered for automatic die sort using ink dots and wafer maps, with rich support for die binning and sorting multi-project wafers (sometimes called “Pizza” wafers) with output to Waffle packs, Gel-Pak™, film frames, JEDEC trays and substrates.

The Royce MP300 system is very flexible and easy to set up. Ideal for high mix, medium volume production or prototyping, wafer sizes from 3 inch (150mm) to 12 inch (300mm) and film frames and rings of any type are easily accommodated. Designed for quick change over of new die sizes with drop in output tooling. Our flexible wafer mapping approach and rich die binning options enables rapid accommodation of both current and legacy wafer map formats.

The Royce Autoplacer MP300 pick and place system has superior ability to automatically sort die from tape without damage. The micron resolution die eject mechanism and optimized die eject head design allows for complete control of die plunge up parameters allowing die as thin as 50 microns to be picked without damage. Examples of fragile die include Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and other III-V materials.

Some applications involve die surfaces which cannot be touched by conventional surface vacuum pick up tips. Our unique optional Non Surface Contact (NSC) technology readily solves this problem. Examples include GaAs die with air bridges, biochips and ink jet heads.

Die inversion (die flipping) is also an option, making inline inversion of bumped die into output trays a simple process.
Royce die sorters have uniquely solved many die handling problems in Laser Diodes, MEMS, Microfluidics, Ink Jet head, Lab on Chip (LOC) and BioChip manufacturing. Let our experienced applications engineers help you configure the Autoplacer MP300 to meet your needs
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  • Highly Flexible, Low Cost Fully automated pick and place.
  • Designed for automatic die sorting from wafer maps, including Multi Project wafers (pizza masks)
  • Easy to set up with DieSort Manager software and expanded wafer map library
  • Fast change to new die size and output medium with pre-leveled output fixtures
  • Flexible platform handling 3 inch to 300mm wafers on many hoop and frame types
  • Picks at programmable heights, speeds and with NSC edge grippers or vacuum pick-up




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