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Non-Vacuum Mixer 

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Model: SR-500CE


  • Can immediately prepare cold stored solder paste without bringing it back to room temperature

  • By optimizing the mixing recipe, viscosity preparation and temperature preparation for solder paste is easy.

  • Removes large air bubbles in the paste, which are considered the cause of solder paste defects.

  • Handles commercial 500g solder paste containers as is

  • Restirs and redisperses solder paste that has been used

  • Supports solder paste in syringes by using the optional adapter


Unit Dimensions/Unit Weight

H390×W300×D340(mm)Approx. 18kg

Maximum Capacity*1
*1:Total mass to mount on the cup holder, including materials, containers, and adapters.


Standard Container*2
*2:Contact us because the actual volume of mixing may vary depending on the containers, materials, and conditions.

150ml resin container

Power Supply

Voltage: Single-phaseAC 120 V ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption:Approx. 50 VA (standby)Max 900 VA (operation)


Instruction Manual × 1
AC cable (including 3P adapter) × 1
Adapter for HDPE 150 ml container × 1 (including 1 O-ring)
150 ml container × 3,
Silicon rubber sheet x1
O-ring for fine adjustment x1, 1 metal fitting is attached to the unit rear to release the lid lock, in case of power failure.

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