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Ultra-High Purity Pumps



The T-Series air-operated, double diaphragm chemical pumps are ideal for aggressive, high purity chemical pumping. The T-Series pumps combine the best of Trebor® existing pump technology and introduce new innovative design.

The ultra-pure T-Series pumps feature a patent pending non-centering magnetic shuttle system, differentiated check assemblies, and a replaceable shaft bushing. Each pump was designed to be used with the new External Modular Controller that allows the pumps to be interchangeable between control styles.

These innovations maximize ease of use, reduce maintenance costs, and increase pump longevity.

  • High Suction Capabilities

  • Free Floating Double Diaphragm

  • Non-Centering Magnetic Shuttle

  • High Backpressure And Deadhead Capable

  • Intelligent Pneumatic Control

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