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Purus CP

Ultra-High Purity Pumps

Purus CP


As tolerances for yield and throughput tightened across many industries, it became apparent that a high purity AODD pump was needed for single-item processes, as opposed to large batch processes. With the help of our customer base, we designed the Purus CP to minimize fluctuations in pressure and flow while continually delivering superior flow stability.

Even without a pulsation dampener, the Purus CP achieves flow stability similar to more expensive centrifugal pumps.

  • Cross Phase Discharge™

  • High Suction Capability

  • Safe, Pneumatic Operation With Clean, Dry Air Or Nitrogen

  • Simple Controls

  • No Maintenance Operation

  • Very Small Footprint

  • Integrated Leak And Cycle Diagnostics

  • Clean Room Assembled, Tested, And Packaged

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