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Mega 960

Ultra-High Purity Pumps

Mega 960


The Mega 960 is ideal for high flow recirculation or delivery applications. It features a non-stalling shuttle valve to reliably operate under high pressure and closed discharge valve conditions. This pump’s flow path is constructed entirely of PFA and PTFE to ensure the utmost in high-purity pumping and chemical compatibility.

The non-metallic air chamber components make this pump suitable for use in aggressive acid vapor environments. This is the go-to standard for high flow chemical applications where non-stop performance is essential.

  • Reliable Operation In Various Applications Because Of Patented Non-Stall Air Logic Design

  • Safe, Pneumatic Operation With Clean, Dry Air Or Nitrogen

  • High Suction Capability Due To Patented Floating PTFE O-Ring Check Valve

  • Non-Penetrated, Double Layer PTFE Diaphragm

  • Immediate Response To System Backpressures (D-Style Control Only)

  • User Serviceable

  • Clean Room Assembled, Tested, And Packaged

  • Aerospace

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